Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Gifts from Mickey. In the event you do not see an answer to your question please send us a message via our contact page.

When will my box arrive?

For a subscription box: If you ordered before the 19th at 5:00 PM EST, your box will be shipped between the 22nd and 27th of the month. If you placed your order AFTER the 19th at 5:00PM EST, your box will ship next month between the 22nd and 27th.

For one time orders: Your box will ship approximately 7 to 10 business days (Monday through Friday, not including holidays) after your order date. This is to allow us time to shop for your box. 

************** International Customers ***************

Shipments occasionally do include food (please be aware we can only ship items that have an expiration date of at least 6 months from the ship date) so if there are any restrictions on receiving these items, please indicate that you do not want food items on your order notes.

The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to such import taxes, customs duties and fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be paid by the recipient; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for further information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates. We are not liable (and no refund will be issued) if an order is returned because you do not pay the customs fees.


When will I be billed?

You are billed immediately when you make your first purchase, regardless of when you signed up. Recurring payments will be billed on the 20th of the month.

When do I need to place my order by?

The cut off to receive your box this month is the 19th at 5:00PM EST. If you order after the 19th at 5:00PM EST, your box will ship next month between the 22nd and 27th.

Are you affiliated with Disney or any Disney affiliates?

We are not affiliated with Disney, but what we love is the Disney Experience and we want to share it with others each and every month. We are in essence, huge Disney World fans! Our monthly boxes are filled with snacks and souvenirs that we personally purchase at the parks and resorts, then ship to you!

What items are included in a box?

The items in our boxes only come directly from Disney World Resorts which gives us a HUGE selection to choose from. This includes stores within each theme park, each resort, as well as some items within Disney Springs (pertaining to Disney only items) Our snack items include only items that will maintain their freshness during shipping. As much as we’d like to ship you mini doughnuts from Typhoon Lagoon, it probably won’t happen due to sanitary reasons.

For our souvenirs, we’ll send you toys, kitchenware like plates and cups, home decor, collectibles, pins, etc. The bigger the package, the higher priced items we can ship you.

How do you ship food items?

We only ship items that will make it to you fresh. You won’t receive any mickey ice cream bars or dole whips (as much as we’d love to send some your way). All of our items will remain fresh long after you receive them.

For items that will melt, such as chocolates, we have a special packaging process (requires next day or second day shipping and additional packaging fees) that will ensure you receive it in the same condition as we bought it. No matter the weather conditions or time of year, if you want us to ship you chocolate we want to make certain that you’re getting fresh chocolate! Please contact us directly in order for us to help you.

Can I choose what’s included?

We believe in options we here at Gifts from Mickey want everyone to be excited and happy to receive their boxes so we do have many various options. For example, we have you pick between boy and girl, adult or child, etc. We also have a housewares page, coffee and mug of the month in addition to many other boxes that keep the excitement going month after month. In addition to this we have a wonderful personal shopping program that we create for you based on budget and product desires.

We also offer a personal shopping option and we can create a box specifically for you. You can pick specific items, or even just a theme. You can see more information about custom personal shopping boxes here.

Can I upgrade or change packages?

You can change your subscription under our My Account Page. This area of our site allows you to change your shipping information, subscription, contact information, and much more. In addition you can get your own personal referral code to earn free boxes from Gifts From Mickey.

Can I specify a specific allergy?

We at Gifts from Mickey take food allergies VERY seriously, with a very large family we understand that everyone is different and have very different allergies and allergic reactions. With so many various food allergies, we do not have packages to cater to these various dietary restrictions. However, may I suggest the personal shopping option, it is a great chance to let us know what you like, dislike and need us to veer away from when shopping for you. My husband and I come from a food background so we will let you know what we can and cannot do for the safety of you or your family members.

Can I send a box as a gift?

Your friends and family are lucky to have someone special just like you!!

There are three options for gift giving:

  1. If you want to give someone our monthly subscription box service, you can sign up and pay either monthly. During the purchase, you will be asked for the shipping name and address. You simply fill in the receivers’ information, and off it goes!
  2. Or you can buy a box once without subscribing to our monthly option.
  3. In addition to this you can also opt for us to do a personal shopping box for your Prince or Princess!

How do I cancel a subscription?

Any refunds will be subject to current PayPal or Stripe policies on percentages. Currently, PayPal has an affixed fee that they charge for all orders. They are now holding those funds and will deduct them whether an order is cancelled or not. We will of course refund your order if asked prior to ship out but less the fees associated with the payment processor (Paypal/Stripe). We hope you don’t cancel but understand when it happens. Our subscriptions can be canceled at any time. You can manage your subscription under the My Account page.