Specific Disney Character Signature


Have your favorite Disney Character sign one item in your gift box. This is a great way to really make a gift box extra special.


  • Character must be available for signatures
  • Signature on one item in the box
  • Signed item includes a photo of character signing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Disney characters are available for a signature?

The following Disney characters sign signatures at Walt Disney World: Aladdin, Baloo, Bolt, Chip, Dale, Doc McStuffins, Donald, Drizella, Dug, Eeyore, Fairy Godmother, Flik, Gaston, Goofy, Green Army Man, Handy Mandy, Jake, Jessie, Joy, Lady Tremaine, Lilo, Mad Hatter, Mary Poppins, Max Goof, Mickey, Minnie, Olaf, Perla, Peter Pan, Piglet, Pluto, Prince Charming, Rafiki, Russell, Stitch, Tarzan, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, and Woody. Not all characters are available on a daily basis.


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